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10 Business Advantages of Video Conferencing



The many pros of video conferencing cannot be overstated. It doesn’t matter if you run a massive enterprise or you’re a work-from-home freelancer—in today’s digital world, being able to communicate face-to-face in real-time isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity.

There was a time when in-person meetings were the standard. Those days are long gone. Video conferencing has become the status quo, and for good reason. It works. 

Of course, not every single interaction is going to happen on a screen, but having the option is an absolute must. If your business isn’t video conference-capable, you’re going to fall behind the competition. Let’s take a look at the advantages of video conferencing.


1. Engagement

Video conferencing ensures that everyone brings their A-game to meetings. Let’s face it—live meetings are often boring, and zoning out comes with the territory. When everyone occupies a square on a screen, they feel connected. They’re not just spectating—they’re participating.   

In a traditional meeting room, it’s impossible to connect with every person simultaneously. The team leader has to make the rounds, focusing on individuals in quick, bite-sized intervals. And, team members are focused solely on the person speaking. 

In a video meeting, every person receives attention throughout the entire session. Nobody feels ignored. One of the major advantages of video conferencing is that everyone feels like they belong and that their input is valued. 

Another one of the pros of video conferencing is that participants can pick up on facial cues, body language, and other important nonverbal communications that are easily lost in translation in a traditional setting.


2. Productivity


Video conferencing gives meetings purpose and direction. The fruitless office meeting is a classic comedy trope that’s rooted in reality! Sometimes, meetings feel like an exercise in futility—a pointless gathering where participants are there in body while their minds travel elsewhere.

One of the huge advantages of video conferencing is that every moment counts. You set a time for everyone to join, and then you follow a schedule. There are no distractions. Participants are laser-focused on the subject at hand. 

Beyond meetings, video conferencing enables rapid, face-to-face communication among staff. Say you have a quick question that needs a quick response. Instead of waiting for an email reply or hiking up the stairs, you can get the information you need in a quick video call.

Additionally, you gain much more control over how many meetings you have throughout the day. You can meet with multiple people in the amount of time it would usually take to meet with one (or enjoy a longer lunch break). 


3. Cost Savings

As you explore the advantages of video conferencing, don’t overlook the financial side of upgrading. Monetary savings is one of the most powerful pros of video conferencing. After all, in-person communication can be extremely expensive for everyone involved.

Consider how many plane tickets and travel expenses can be replaced with video conferencing equipment. A traditional phone call may not suffice for important interactions, but a face-to-face call on Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or any other platform is more than adequate for most meetings.

Besides boosting your company’s budget, your staff will appreciate the savings, too. Being able to attend a mandatory meeting from home (or even from the office or cubicle) is a huge perk. Video conferencing equipment makes meetings less of a burden for everyone.


4. Collaboration


The advantages of video conferencing may not become evident until you incorporate the equipment into your daily workflow. The quality of your team’s collaboration is a difficult metric to pinpoint, but giving them better tools will inevitably lead to better teamwork.

Many projects require multiple skill sets that you simply can’t get from one individual. Collaboration is the key to successful results, but it often comes at the cost of efficiency. 

One of the pros of video conferencing is that team members can switch seamlessly between collaborative and independent projects as needed. Video conferencing capabilities allow for effective multitasking throughout the day.


5. Record Retention

Being able to revisit interactions is one of the advantages of video conferencing that many don’t realize is available until they need it. 

Maybe you forgot who’s handling a task, when a project is due, or the terms of a deal. There are endless examples of crucial information that can be lost or forgotten when it’s delivered in a traditional setting. 

Being able to instantly access a wealth of data is a massive boon, especially when you’re crunched for time. Recorded video calls create a virtual rolodex of concrete information that can be quickly and easily reviewed as needed.


6. Reputation

Improving your organization’s reputation is one of the advantages of video conferencing that shouldn’t be overlooked. The technology you use says a lot about your brand. If a potential client requests information, and you send them a fax, they might think twice about moving forward.

Simply having the option available is one of the pros of video conferencing. Using state-of-the-art technology shows that you’re ahead of the curve. It instills confidence in people who interact with your company.


7. Live Events

From presentations to celebrations, being able to create virtual live events really helps to unify your company—especially if you’re managing remote teams that wouldn’t be able to attend them otherwise.

As you research the advantages of video conferencing, consider how you can use the equipment beyond everyday communications. For example, you could host product launch events or giveaways. You could make important announcements in a format that gets people more excited than receiving an email.


8. Adaptability

Today’s businesses need to be agile, flexible, and able to change course on the fly. Even in the highly unlikely scenario that your cameras and microphones are collecting dust in a storage closet most of the time, you’ll be glad they’re there when the need arises.

Let’s say you have a major client that’s thinking about moving to the competition. You only have minutes to convince them to stay. A phone call won’t cut it. One of the advantages of video conferencing capabilities is that you never have to regret being without it.


9. Relationships


Don’t forget about the intangible pros of video conferencing. Sure, you can track productivity, but some aspects of running a business are less defined, such as the relationships of personnel, especially when some team members work remotely.

Video conferencing makes it possible for everyone to connect, regardless of where they live. It brings a sense of comradery to digital, in-person, and hybrid workspaces.


10. Competition

The simple truth is that other businesses like yours are already enjoying the advantages of video conferencing. Technology can make or break a business. It’s easy to get left behind if you’re not vigilant about updating your systems.


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